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 Focal Point 7.5.2 Released

UNICOM® Systems, Inc. has announced the release of Focal Point version 7.5.2. Focal Point is a comprehensive portfolio planning solution that market-driven teams can use to make collaborative, objective decisions to deliver products, projects and services, offering the highest customer and business value. Focal Point reduces the complexity of managing information from various sources such as emails, documents and spreadsheets and provides a collaborative centralized environment for requirements, products and project data.

Focal Point 7.5.2 - What's new in this release?
Focal Point 7.5.2 introduces key functionality and usability improvements for visualizing, analyzing and exporting information.

Take a look at some of the major enhancements in this release.
Tree-Table Widget for Dashboard
Focal Point 7.5.2 greatly enhances the dashboard reporting capability and allows the normal users to use their dashboard as a single page to visualize and manage their information. With the new dashboard widget, users can:
•  Create the parent-child hierarchy of elements side by side with the tabular display of element attributes.
•  Edit the displayed attributes inline in the dashboard.
•  Combine the major features of the tree view and table view in the dashboard.
Editable Link-Table
A link table provides a multi-module display of information. They are setup on a link/linklist attribute using a view that defines the attributes to be displayed in a tabular format. Focal Point 7.5.2 enhances the usability of this feature by providing the ability to edit the attributes inline. The attribute access settings of the link table view define the edit permission of the attributes displayed in the table.
With the introduction of edit capability, Link table can now serve as a single place to visualize and edit information coming from multiple modules and users can achieve their work with less mouse clicks.
Attribute Traceability
Focal Point 7.5.2 provides the ability to trace the usage of an attribute within the Focal Point setup. Attributes can be referenced in expressions, business rules and view definitions. Deleting or renaming of attributes can result in broken expressions and business rules and leave the views invalid. The effects are usually noticed very late by the end users.
The new feature improves the security of the Focal Point setup and prevents administrators from making unintentional mistakes while managing the attribute setups.
History based Agile Burndown Charts
A Burndown chart is a key visualization feature in agile work management. The chart shows how fast a team is working on the assigned work (story points) and the amount of work that is pending in an epic or a sprint. The outstanding work is shown on the vertical axis, with time along the horizontal.
Focal Point 7.5.2 introduces the burndown charts as a widget to be displayed on the user dashboard. These charts are displayed based on the historical information stored on any numerical attribute in the view within the time frame selected by the user.
Multilevel Filtering
Product Management often requires the users to drill down for information based on the status of their related entities. (e.g.: filter products who have at least one feature, which is pending approval).
Focal Point 7.5.2 enhances the filtering capability in Focal Point by introducing multilevel filtering. Multilevel filtering allows a normal user to filter a source view based on the filters set on the linked elements by linking the first level filter with a second level filter. The filter linking can be extended to multiple levels, i.e., the second level filter can be linked to a third level filter.
Miscellaneous Enhancements
Focal Point version 7.5.2 provides the following miscellaneous enhancements:
•  Sort capability in a view or module is enhanced. Elements can now be sorted using any single-value attribute defined in the module.
•  Performance of the quick search in Tree and Table views is now improved. The search result is displayed by a partial refresh of the content pane, instead of a full page refresh.
•  Parallel coordinate visualization is now enhanced. Clicking on a single element in a parallel coordinate view will highlight the connected elements in other axes and help in tracing the relationship.
•  Added the ability to control the Web Services and Rest Services calls using the system level settings, which can be individually controlled by an Administrator.
•  LDAP integration can now replicate the disabled user status in LDAP user directory to Focal Point by disabling the Login permission of the respective user.

Focal Point, along with System Architect®, is a key player in the Enterprise Architecture and Product Portfolio Management domains, helping customers make strategic decisions at the enterprise level and provide increased business value at delivery. Additionally, UNICOM has the Universal Gateway (UniGW®), a management dashboard designed to provide real-time views into operational business performance that will complement Focal Point. This approach enables strategic decision making and correlates the massive amount of data erupting from new technologies such as big data, video analysis and IOT.

To request this new release of Focal Point, please log in or register on the UNICOM Customer Portal, or email to focalpoint.support@unicomsi.com.

At UNICOM, our commitment is to ensure that ongoing research and development continue for all UNICOM software solutions and to maintain the highest standards of technical support for you, our customers.

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