UNICOM Global Acquires illustro Systems International

Asset acquisition includes the best-of-breed in mainframe Internet-enabling solutions


Mission Hills, CA - UNICOM® Systems, Inc., a global leader in IBM mainframe, System i, Lotus Notes, Unix and open systems management solutions today announced that it has acquired the assets of Dallas-based mainframe software company, illustro Systems International, LLC.  The acquisition underlines UNICOM's commitment to the IBM mainframe marketplace, enabling the Company to offer innovative, state-of-the-art technology,  and services which complement its existing solutions for maximizing the potential of the mainframe platform for its customers.

"This acquisition brings illustro's innovative products for Internet-enabling mainframe applications and TCP/IP management and a highly experienced professional services team to UNICOM," said Corry Hong, UNICOM's Founder, President and CEO. "This is good news for our customers and the mainframe community as the UNICOM group of companies can now offer these exciting technologies and services to the global mainframe marketplace. illustro is also renowned worldwide for providing products and services to the z/VSE group of customers, and UNICOM is very excited about our ability to deliver these solutions on a global scale to the z/VSE community."

The acquisition enables UNICOM to integrate technology from illustro's z/Ware™ software suite to Internet-enable UNICOM Group's own offerings to offer new, state-of-the-art interfaces to current UNICOM customers. illustro's z/IPMon® TCP/IP software is a cutting-edge product which provides the most innovative problem and performance management for z/VSE and z/OS customers who depend on their TCP/IP subsystem for communication. 

Over the years illustro has built an impressive team of people who provide important consulting support and datacenter management services to customers around the world, and UNICOM plans to extend these offerings further.

"UNICOM's enduring presence in the industry and unyielding commitment to technology and integration is what made this the right decision for illustro," said Eric L. Vaughan, illustro's Founder, President and CEO. "We chose the best possible solution for our innovative technology and services to reach a global customer base, by merging our capabilities with UNICOM. We're excited about what this acquisition means for the mainframe community." Vaughan will join UNICOM's executive team to assist in the Company's continued focus and mission in delivering the industry's best products and services to the global mainframe market.


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