UNICOM® Finance

“How can I save time?”

Chances are you ask yourself this question a lot these days. You’re not alone. The report that used to take two weeks to create is now expected in mere days or even hours. Decision-makers want to see business performance results now, not wait for the bi-annual report. Keeping current on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales variances, operating costs, and return on assets lets companies maintain a proper tack and keep ahead of competitors.

But despite the high velocity of business today, financial professionals still have to deal with consolidation, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting processes and deliverables. Cutting corners is not an option. Businesses must find a way to perform these processes faster and more efficiently.

UNICOM offers a solution. UNICOM Finance provides streamlined consolidation and budgeting, insightful analysis and forecasting, and valuable, flexible reporting in one easy-to-use, Web-deployable package. It frees you from juggling different solutions for different financial processes. This flexible, easy-to-use system neatly aligns actual results, budgets, operational plans, and business strategies. UNICOM Finance is an integrated solution designed by financial professionals for financial professionals to deliver high-quality financial information in a fraction of the time.



UNICOM Finance Diagram.pngUNICOM Finance provides a complete framework to help you understand and monitor the financial performance of your organization. You can create reports and budgets and distribute them over a LAN, the Web, or on secure intranets or extranets.

UNICOM Finance is an enterprise-wide financial application that integrates multi-currency budgeting, forecasting, and reporting by combining financial data from multiple sources and systems.

Consolidated results are processed and stored in a central repository, which is your UNICOM Finance system. UNICOM Finance consists of several modules and a Web interface that you can use to enter data into the system, retrieve data from the system, create new systems, maintain the system, and control system security.


UNICOM Finance Addresses the Complete Financial Process:
  • Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting - Allows creation of web-enabled budgeting forms that support, data entry, drill-down, variance reporting, editing threshold checks, and supports user-defined budgeting details.  UNICOM Finance Planning supports a complex iterative process for planning, complex statistical models, top-down editing, and adding dimensions and modeling details on the fly.
  • Consolidation - UNICOM Finance integrates data from multiple sources to one common chart of accounts.  Supports intercompany eliminations, currency translation off common exchange rates and performs sophisticated allocations.
  • Financial Reporting - Supports dependencies to create self-maintaining reports and batch processing.  Complete freedom to place and position dimensions and elements on any position or axis of a report.  Financial intelligence provides variance reporting, periodic and year-to-date views of data, and a host of calculations.
  • Additional Conformance
    • Microsoft Windows 7
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
    • Microsoft Office 2010
    • IBM Cognos Series 7 products
  • Compare Metadata 
    Compare Metadata lets you see what administrative settings and database structures have changed since a previous date on which copies of certain UNICOM Finance database files (a "Baseline") were saved.
  • UNICOM Finance Command Line Improvements 
    Through the command line you can now find out which users are in the system and the module they are in.
  • Format Dependency Reports 
    An Indent Children dependency formatting option allow you to force the children to be indented even when the totals are at the bottom.
  • Printing Lock Attributes 
    Lock and Unlock attribute of period items within Define Items can now be selected and printed, making identification of locked periods easier.
  • Allocation Logging 
    Added functionality to the Allocation log that allows logging of start/end times of each allocation.
  • Export of components 
    Select the pages to export if more than one page on the report. Calculated pages are shown but not exported. 

UNICOM Finance SS 1.pngWith UNICOM Finance you can budget at a salary or hourly basis, full-time or part-time basis.


UNICOM Finance SS 2.pngThe Planning module delivers collaborative functionality to enable sharing of core business knowledge.

UNICOM Finance SS 3.pngEnter data into any cell at any level in the model to complete top down adjustments.


 Instead of spending time writing reports, we can start analyzing what the numbers actually mean.

Amy Blanton
Financial Reporting Analyst
Murray, Inc.

 UNICOM Finance gives us the flexibility to analyze our organization top-to-bottom with timely, meaningful information. Instead of spending significant amounts of time creating a wasteland of linked spreadsheets, our time can now be spent analyzing information which will accelerate our decision-making capability.

Mike Kovar
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer