UNICOM® Intelligence

Gain Insight into People's Attitudes, Preferences and Opinions

The UNICOM Intelligence suite of products helps survey and market researchers gain a deeper understanding of people's attitudes, preferences and opinions. These products help you through the entire research process--from survey design and data collection to data management and clear, timely reporting. Available for on-cloud or on-premise deployment, the UNICOM Intelligence suite enables you to author and manage surveys in a variety of forms--paper, telephone and online--to learn what drives the behavior of your customers, prospects, and employees. It is a single platform for all your needs:

  • Authoring - Author once, deploy anywhere in any language.
  • Collection - Single platform, single survey for all modes and all languages.
  • Insight Delivered - Deliver timely insight to decision makers, online or desktop.
  • Analysis & Integration
    • Utilize UNICOM Intelligence analytics.
    • Blend survey data with behavioral
    • Minimize error.
  • Assets - Secure access to tools, data, and reports.

Author your survey once, deploy it anywhere

UNICOM Intelligence empowers survey and market researchers in commercial, educational, and government organizations to deploy surveys in any mode:

  • Online surveys
  • Mobile interviewing
  • Phone surveys
  • Face-to-face surveys
  • Paper surveys

UNICOM Intelligence On-Premise offers a full suite of Windows-based products to meet all of your organization's research needs.

UNICOM Intelligence is also available on the cloud as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for organizations that prefer to leave the management of survey infrastructure and software to UNICOM. You can quickly author and manage online, phone and face-to-face survey projects with minimal investment upfront. This gives you freedom to create, program, and field your survey projects, and to access web-based reports without having to invest in software licenses, system infrastructure, security, ongoing maintenance or the staff to manage the platform.

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are required by many US federal government agencies. These agencies also need an IT environment that meets strict governmental security guidelines. UNICOM Intelligence includes a SaaS version designed specifically for US federal agencies. This offering enables employees to focus on collecting valuable feedback from their constituents efficiently and securely.

Components available as a SaaS solution are denoted by the   icon.








Create compelling, visually appealing surveys that participants will want to complete

UNICOM Intelligence Author, with its intuitive GUI and intelligent wizards, makes it easy to create simple or complex surveys. It enables marketers and survey professionals to incorporate routings and logic that encourage respondents to complete the survey. A survey created with UNICOM Intelligence Author can be deployed in any mode and in any language.

Author.pngUNICOM Intelligence Author includes capabilities to help you:

Gain a guided approach to survey excellence

  • Use Wizards to guide you through the entire survey process, from survey authoring to reporting.
  • Customize example questionnaires and templates, or create your own.
  • Incorporate corporate style elements for consistent look-and-feel.
  • Create lists that can be shared across multiple questionnaires and reused in other surveys.
  • Preview and test surveys before they are launched to view what respondents would see.

Author Gallery 2.pngUse a methodology to suit all surveys

  • Tailor questions and phrasing to suit different channels for web, telephone or mobile devices.
  • Create simple or complex, sophisticated surveys.
  • Include visual or interactive questions using sliders or calendars.
  • Incorporate survey routings using if, go-to, skip and fill commands.
  • Create and deploy surveys in any language.

Collaborate and share efficiencies

  • Share best practices and survey creation skills.
  • Use UNICOM Intelligence Author Server to allow multiple users to create and deploy surveys in a web-based environment. 



Create effective surveys with a powerful scripting language

UNICOM Intelligence Professional is a development environment for creating unique and sophisticated surveys. It offers a powerful, survey scripting language, based on Microsoft® technology, for creating surveys of any type or level of complexity for deployment through any channel and in any language.

UNICOM Intelligence Professional provides capabilities to help you:

Gain advanced survey creation capabilities

  • Use macros, question templates, and examples at each step of the process to streamline survey creation and reuse surveys.
  • Create wizards for UNICOM Intelligence Author users to ensure consistency and make it easier for survey creators to add more sophisticated logic without the need of technical assistance.
  • Develop automated market research processes.
  • Use a single questionnaire to conduct global surveys with a translation utility incorporating more than one hundred languages.

Build surveys with complex logic and routings

  • Take advantage of advanced conditional and control logic including complex logic expressions, For Each, and looping constructs so that surveys can be as sophisticated as they need to be.
  • Use survey events to define customized actions such as what happens before a survey begins or ends, or define a consistent action before and after each question, making it easier to complete surveys.
  • Simulate and debug your web and phone interviewing environments with a powerful testing, test data generation and debugging environment.

Work collaboratively and efficiently

  • Work seamlessly with UNICOM Intelligence Author Desktop and Server, allowing survey scripting experts and business users to collaborate on advanced surveys.
  • Incorporate and reuse functions and routines to minimize errors and save time.



A modern approach to entering survey data

Author 2.pngUNICOM Intelligence Data Entry helps you create surveys and capture survey responses accurately and efficiently. It combines the capabilities of two products, UNICOM Intelligence Author and UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer, to minimize errors and improve the productivity of survey research.

UNICOM Intelligence Data Entry includes capabilities to help you:

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of survey research

  • Capture data quickly and accurately so you can start analysis sooner and find insights faster.

  • Improve researchers’ productivity while safeguarding information quality.

  • Minimize the risk of errors that can skew results.

  • Simplify survey creation and the capture of survey responses.

Interview Preview 2.pngCreate surveys with UNICOM Intelligence Author

  • Create compelling, visually appealing surveys that participants will want to complete.
  • Include survey logic that makes data capture operations quicker, easier and more accurate.
  • Create customized libraries of questions or whole questionnaires that can be shared across organizations to ensure consistency and to reduce duplication of work.
  • Use single and multiple response questions, as well as matrices and grids.
  • Preview and test surveys before they are launched.

Capture responses with UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer

  • Enter data quickly and accurately with a configurable, keyboard-driven data entry interface.
  • Batch surveys to enable many operators to key data for a single project, or to speed data entry for large projects.
  • Present surveys to respondents in the field using multimedia and graphics to capture data electronically – even where Internet access is not available.
  • Gain visibility into data entry through validation verification, including double keying.
  • Save data ready for analysis as an UNICOM Intelligence Data File.



Full support for the survey research lifecycle

The UNICOM Intelligence Data Model supports the survey research lifecycle from authoring through data collection and reporting. It provides resources, methodologies and technical guidance to help you manage and customize your survey research projects.

The UNICOM Intelligence Data Model provides capabilities to help you:

Customize and manage survey research

  • Provides an open, published interface (API) for developers looking to re-engineer and innovate the research process.
  • Offers a methodology for managing data of differing formats, structures and storage mechanisms.
  • Offers a methodology that allows applications to read and write data from any source, regardless of the storage technology.
  • Supplies connections to various data sources through a number of included Data Source Components.
  • Create data source components to include other data formats.

Get specialized guidance

  • Assistance for scriptwriters developing automated survey research processes.
  • Help for software developers wanting to leverage UNICOM Intelligence products and technologies.
  • Educational information for anyone wanting to understand more about Data Collection solutions.

Access resources and documentation

  • Use the UNICOM Intelligence Developer Library to learn and work with our technologies.
  • Download overviews, white papers and tutorials.
  • See design documentation, detailed programmers’ reference materials and working source code.
  • Get sample applications for different degrees of expertise, from beginner to advanced.


Interview Preview.pngA modern approach to conducting in-person survey interviews

UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Offline lets you augment your online or phone-based research with face-to-face interviews. It helps you conduct in-person interviews through mobile devices such as laptops and tablets, and then captures and centrally manages the results with or without an internet connection.

UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Offline includes capabilities to help you:

Take your survey to the participant

  • Conduct engaging, visually-rich surveys on the go.
  • Allow participants to stop and restart a survey, without having to repeat the questions.
  • Track your participants’ responses with a customized view of their most relevant details.

Gain new flexibility and ease of use

  • Choose among a visually rich graphical interface, a cleaner interface suited for phone surveys or a simple data entry interface, depending on project needs.
  • Enable interviewers to focus on the interview itself, while UNICOM Intelligence Remote Admin manages project and data synchronization.

Make better use of your interviewers' time and skills

  • Ensure that interviewers and project managers receive the latest survey data without relying on email or manual file transfers.
  • Synchronize data automatically and unobtrusively whenever an Internet connection is available.
  • When a connection is not available or intermittent, data is stored on the desktop for safe transfer later.
  • Rely on UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin to keep your projects and your data secure.


Produce appealing paper surveys easily every time

UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper is a comprehensive solution for formatting paper questionnaires for scanning and keyboard data entry. It enables you to quickly create, format and edit professional-looking paper questionnaires within Microsoft® Word. Create designs for both keyboard-based data entry systems and scanning-based systems, and use them across multi-ple projects with minimal editing.

With UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper you can:

Customize survey look and layout

  • Design a consistent theme and layout for a single questionnaire, or all of your questionnaires.
  • Create question and document templates and make them available to all survey creators.
  • Present various types of questions in several different ways.
  • Use standard formatting for numbers, text, categorical and matrix questions.
  • Automatically include standard interview instructions, including instructions in the right language.

Save time and increase accuracy

  • Prepare surveys for scanning with just a few mouse clicks, keeping the survey validation intact.
  • Automate the identification and setup of all respondent input areas of your survey questionnaire, such as tick boxes, letters, and numbers for optical mark reading (OMR) or optical character recognition (OCR).
  • Ensure proper validation of each response with the appropriate question and question type automatically.
  • Work seamlessly with the popular ReadSoft® DOCUMENTS for FORMS scanning and document management solution.

Provide flexible response options

  • Offer respondents the choice of completing a survey by phone or online.
  • Use UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper with other interviewing products such as UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Phone and UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Web.

Deliver timely results

  • Make scanned data available for analysis and reporting through UNICOM Intelligence Reporter.


Phone Interviews.pngGet deep insights and broad representation from telephone interviews

UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Phone makes it easy to conduct high-quality, cost-effective global research. It is designed to increase the productivity of actual or virtual call centers, helping to reduce the costs of phone surveys while boosting response rates and increasing scale.

UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Phone includes these features:

Multi‑modal interviewing

  • Allow respondents to start a survey on the phone and complete it later online to maximize respondent rates and save time.
  • Give respondents flexibility to choose their preferred method of contact – phone, the web, or face to face on paper or tablet PCs.
  • Manage all survey projects and data in one centralized environment – regardless of the mode.

Survey and interview management

  • Field and manage surveys from one location or from globally dispersed sites.
  • Control sample management and quota setting with powerful tools that can be customized to suit operational and project requirements.
  • View and manage quota targets in real time, through a web browser.
  • Assign activities, projects and records to supervisors, survey builders, interviewers, analysts and other users of the system, and co-ordinate their efforts to ensure efficiency.
  • Design questionnaires that include instructions and cues that are easy for interviewers to follow to deliver accurate survey results.
  • Get respondent phone numbers in seconds rather than minutes, increasing productivity.

Oversight and performance management

  • Monitor and record interviews to ensure quality transactions and create an audit trail to assist in staff training and management quality audits.
  • Create customized reports of statistics about interviewers’ performance and sample quality.
  • Use analytical management report templates to provide an overview across all projects or at the detailed individual project level.

Customizable, scalable and secure installation

  • An open architecture enables you to customize features to meet different standards and protocols—for example, to control how many times a telephone number should be called, or the call-again delay for busy calls.
  • Make changes in real time without bringing operations to a halt to modify interview scripts or dialing parameters.
  • Implement in a clustered server environment that provides enhanced security, scalability, load-balancing and fault-tolerance.
  • Choose from flexible configuration options ranging from a physical call center to a highly decentralized global operation.

Analysis and reporting

  • View frequency and crosstab statistics, summary tables, lists of verbatim responses and percentages in real time through a web browser.
  • Develop more complex reports using UNICOM Intelligence Reporter.

Predictive dialing

  • Integrate with third-party predictive and group dialers from Marketing Systems Group PRO-T-S, Sytel, and InVADE.
  • Auto-detect call outcomes, minimizing the time lost to unsuccessful calls.
  • Program the responses to each possible call outcome according to campaign-specific or global rules.
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards, professional codes and legal requirements.
  • Hand off respondents to an integrated voice response (IVR) system.


An integrated development environment for scripting automated survey processes

UNICOM Intelligence Professional is a complete set of tools that supports the building of automated survey research processes. It includes an integrated development environment (IDE) that enables you to create, edit, run and debug UNICOM Intelligence scripts. In addition, UNICOM Intelligence Professional also allows you to create scripts that perform various data management tasks.

UNICOM Intelligence Professional has features to help you:

Use advanced functionality to create effective surveys

When used in combination with UNICOM Intelligence Author you can:

  • Gain advanced survey creation capabilities for sophisticated projects.
  • Build surveys with complex logic and routings that deliver superior results.
  • Work collaboratively and efficiently across the enterprise.

Streamline your reporting process to share your insights more efficiently

When used in combination with UNICOM Intelligence Reporter you can:

  • Perform sophisticated data management using scripting in a professional development environment.
  • Automate, schedule and standardize your reporting routines to streamline report creation.


Remote Administration.pngEfficiently manage offline interviews and track data

UNICOM Intelligence Remote Admin works with UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer Desktop to help you manage your offline interviewers and projects and track data synchronization. The powerful UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server security model ensures that your interviewers get the right projects and you get the most current data.

UNICOM Intelligence Remote Admin enables you to:

  • Assign projects to interviewers and interviewers to projects.
  • Manage changes in the field without relying on email or managing files offline.
  • Ensure that interviewers always have the latest version of a survey so that they can focus on collecting data.
  • Send data directly to the server when a connection is available, freeing interviewers from data management tasks. When the connection is intermittent or not available, data is stored on the desktop.
  • Keep all project data centralized regardless of data collection mode.
  • Augment online data collection with off-line data collection without sacrificing speed to insight.
  • Synchronize data automatically through UNICOM Intelligence Remote Manager’s ability to detect and connect to an internet connection whenever one is available.


Survey Reporter.pngQuickly deliver insights to enable smarter decision-making

UNICOM Intelligence Reporter is a versatile reporting and visualization solution that enables you to gain the most value from customer feedback and survey research. Simple and intuitive to use, it is designed for information consumers and survey researchers who are interested in interactive reporting and determining key insights from survey data.

UNICOM Intelligence Reporter has features to help you:

Create insightful, interactive reports on survey data

  • Create interactive cross tabulations that reveal key patterns in survey data. Share them with internal or external clients who can use them to drill deeper into the underlying data.
  • Incorporate all data types – categorical, numeric, date and time, and text.
  • Filter findings at a report level or a table level and save filters for easy re-use.
  • Avoid scripting and manipulating data, and focus on delivering survey results that add value to your external or internal clients.
  • View variables prior to using them to ensure they will add value to your results.

Deliver insights across the enterprise

  • Control the delivery of results to specific individuals or groups to ensure people only get the data they need – or are allowed – to view.
  • Manage the level of interaction by protecting the type of access people have, e.g., to ensure only weighted data is used for report generation, or to allow some users to manipulate, edit or create new variables while others cannot.
  • Adhere to privacy and security regulations and manage security features singly or in combination.
  • Automate result creation and delivery with UNICOM Intelligence Professional.

See survey results your way

  • Create new variables using existing ones and share your new variables with others.
  • Edit variables for flexibility to create the reports you need.
  • Turn numeric, date and text variables into categorical data directly through the interface, and easily create reports based on these variables.
  • Create filters that can be used time and time again to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Publish and present results that make an impact

  • Create and print visually compelling reports.
  • Highlight the most significant findings by hiding rows, columns or cells in your tables that are below specified values.
  • Print reports directly from the interface using company templates or logos.
  • Publish findings directly into Microsoft® Word or PowerPoint® for distribution across the organization.
  • Incorporate or build custom chart types for export to Microsoft Excel®.

Use in online or desktop environments

  • Work completely offline or leverage the collaborative nature of an online environment – the choice is yours.
  • Deploy results instantly across your organization.
  • Manage your results through the online interface to ensure that your data is always accurate and that people see the latest reports.

Obtain deeper insights through integration


Automate processes to deliver timely information

The UNICOM Intelligence Reporter - Developer Kit increases your organization's efficiency by running scripting and data management tasks on a server. With this solution, you can automate data manipulation and report creation so that data collected this morning can be available to managers and executives in time for an afternoon conference.

With the UNICOM Intelligence Reporter - Developer Kit you can:

  • Schedule automated batch processing of complex or repetitive tasks, and schedule large jobs to run after hours.
  • Run scripts periodically or during specific events without further intervention.
  • Create a centralized processing facility for a number of employees.
  • Manage data transformation operations such as the cleaning, validating and exporting of sample data, and the reporting of case data.
  • Produce and export tables.
  • Create and assign weighting to your data.
  • Run scripting utilities.


Turn survey results into insight using powerful scripting language

UNICOM Intelligence Professional enables you to fully streamline the creation of highly customized reports. It has a powerful scripting engine to help you perform sophisticated data manipulation and distribute table definitions to executives who may not have the time to construct their own tabulations. You can then hide or rearrange table elements to suit the executives' unique information requirements.

UNICOM Intelligence Professional enables you to:

Perform sophisticated data management

  • Support complex data processing tasks such as weighting, data cleaning, variable creation and general data manipulation.
  • Manipulate and report on complex data structures, such as hierarchical and level-based data.
  • Integrate with Microsoft® Office to create custom PowerPoint® presentations with advanced data visualizations.
  • Transform data to and from any of the formats supported by SPSS Data Collection, and merge any data sources either vertically or horizontally. Specify multiple data transformations in a single data processing process.

Automate and schedule your reporting routines

  • Schedule data management and reporting routines.
  • Develop reusable functions and routines to streamline cumbersome data processing and reporting tasks.
  • Make use of survey information natively to create automated cleaning and reporting routines.
  • Use parameterized, command-line script execution to maintain flexibility while eliminating the need to re-create scripts and routines.
  • Use the UNICOM Intelligence Reporter - Developer Kit to automate data management and reporting routines developed in a server environment for fully automated, real-time data processing and reporting.


Survey Reporter Table.pngPublish and share professional, interactive reports in an online environment

With UNICOM Intelligence Reporter - Publisher you can publish interactive reports easily and share them with other stakeholders who need to view the results in an online environment. This solution is designed for survey researchers and their information consumers. You can use role-based access to ensure that key reports and data files are protected.

UNICOM Intelligence Reporter - Publisher has features to help you:

  • Provide users with online access to tabulated results.
  • Meet the needs of users who do not need to set up their own projects or tables, or edit variables.
  • Set access levels to allow users in particular roles to open existing table documents, populate tables, and export results.


Survey.pngConduct web interviews quickly and efficiently

UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Web provides a complete set of tools for conducting low-cost web surveys quickly and efficiently. With this versatile software, you can capture the attention of potential respondents and provide the options they prefer to ensure that they complete your survey accurately.

UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Web has features to help you:

Simplify the survey process

  • Create secure logins and passwords for participants to use, or for greater ease, embed them into the survey URL.
  • Conduct surveys in participants’ preferred language without having to create a new survey for each language.
  • Reuse information from CRM and marketing databases to minimize the burden on respondents.
  • Specify a participant list, or build one as you go.
  • Enable participants to stop and restart a survey without having to start over.
  • Send a customized email to invite participants, remind them or to thank them for providing feedback.

Manage survey projects from start to finish

  • Administer security and control projects and research tools so that users have access only to the tools and projects they need or should have.
  • Preview results and survey status, and download data in a variety of formats at any stage of data collection.
  • Handle survey changes during data collection without affecting the data.
  • Use sophisticated survey management tools such as quota and participant management rules.
  • Easily include all question types with UNICOM Intelligence authoring tools.

Web Interviews.pngCreate visually appealing and compelling questionnaires

  • Use a variety of built-in templates or create your own to comply with corporate standards.
  • Incorporate Flash, movies, audio, customer controls (e.g., calendars and sliders) and Ajax controls to create dynamic and interactive surveys that respondents will want to complete.
  • Conduct all types of surveys, including customer satisfaction, employee opinion, product testing, clinical trials and many more.

Experience power and flexibility at every stage of the survey cycle

  • Get the scalability, security and fault tolerance to suit any business environment.
  • Integrate UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Web with your existing infrastructure.
  • Use UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Web with an UNICOM Intelligence Authoring tool or with UNICOM Intelligence Professional for even greater value.


Do you need help with an online data collection project? Does your organization conduct a handful of online surveys, or experience a "feast or famine" survey workload? Or perhaps you have a limited infrastructure, or insufficient people to manage your online surveys effectively.

If any of these scenarios sounds familiar, you might consider outsourcing your online projects to save time, minimize in-house resources and maximize the benefits of online data collection.

You provide a questionnaire and UNICOM Intelligence Online Services gives you the survey results.

The UNICOM Intelligence Survey Hosting solution offers a fully outsourced online data collection capability that delivers all that you need to conduct online data collection. The full range of services includes hosting your online survey or form.

You can use your own sample or UNICOM Intelligence Online Services can provide one for you, and the expert staff, who include a Research Account Manager individually assigned to your project, will provide the project management and programming services.

The hosting solution has been designed to provide a comprehensive online service that meets your needs. It offers:

  • Programming and hosting for surveys/forms of varying length and complexity
  • Proven survey research tools
  • A wide selection of programming capabilities
  • Project management and online research consulting
  • Interactive/media capabilities
  • Secure password protection and user authentication
  • Secure, real-time reporting
  • Quality deliverables

UNICOM Intelligence Online Services has served the needs of clients for more than 40 years, and understands every step of the online data collection process.

You can save time and conserve in-house resources by outsourcing your online projects to UNICOM Intelligence Survey Hosting.

Just provide your questionnaire or form and UNICOM Intelligence Online Services will give you the results--with no monthly fees or hidden charges.


Simplify the process of obtaining useful information from a set of questionnaires

UNICOM Intelligence - Quantum is a highly sophisticated and flexible tool-set designed to simplify the process of obtaining useful information from a set of questionnaires. Quantum offers a very flexible programming language which performs a variety of tasks including, but not limited to, the following:

  • checking and validating data
  • editing and correcting data
  • producing different types of lists and reports
  • producing new data files
  • recoding data and producing new variables
  • generating tables
  • performing statistical calculations