A new version of System Architect has been commercially released


 System Architect® 11.4.10 released

As a valued System Architect® customer, we want to let you know that a new version of System Architect (SA) has been commercially released. We continue to drive improvements to the product within themed areas to enable you to build and maintain a strategic, value-driven enterprise architecture.

System Architect 11.4.10 provides the following enhancements:

Frameworks - TOGAF 10:
TOGAF 10 is now supported, enhancing the existing, certified TOGAF 9.2 support.
Encyclopedias created with earlier versions of TOGAF are upgraded to the TOGAF 10 framework when they are opened.
New diagram and definition types are provided; some existing properties are renamed to adhere to the TOGAF 10 spec.
Usability - SA Drawing:
You can now drag-and-drop images from your Windows environment onto System Architect diagrams where they become symbols. You are provided with a choice to copy the symbol or import it into the Files table of the encyclopedia.
This functionality is part of the theme of making it easier to use your own custom graphics in SA. It combines with improved "Transform Symbol" functionality recently added, ability to override out-of-box depictions with user-supplied pictures, and addition of a new Picture Browser.
Depiction override can now be specified at definition level through a property in Depiction tab, in addition to the symbol level - previously the depiction override was only at the symbol level.
A new Picture Browser dialog allows selection of pictures for drawing on the current diagram. Select View, Picture Browser to open the dialog.
If you select Draw, Picture, Diagram to place a live picture of another diagram on the current diagram - that picture of the diagram will now keep its size consistent with the source diagram.
Numerous other enhancements, detailed in the help.
Usability - File Manager:
Image thumbnails are now presented for SVG and PNG files.
The File Manager window can now be stretched, and provides a filter for types of files presented.
Usability - Explorer:
A new Configure Tabs option has been added to the Explorer tree, enabling you to specify what diagram and definition types are presented in a tab, add new tabs, rename existing tabs, and configure the ordering of tabs.
Analytic icons can now be centered on a symbol edge.
SVG and PNG icons are now presented in the Heat Map Manager and Analytic Builder Wizard.
Metamodel Extensibility - Metamodel Diagram:
When creating a diagram of the current metmodel, a dialog is now presented allowing you to choose what related types to show.
Metamodel Extensibility - Encrypting USRPROPS:
A means of encrypting certain files now allows clients and business partners to distribute their usrprops.txt files while protecting their intellectual property.
Visio Mapper Utility Enhanced:
The Visio Mapper utility has been enhanced with initial support for importing Visio diagrams into data centric diagram types - which are the majority of diagram types available in most frameworks such as TOGAF, DoDAF 2, UAF, ArchiMate, sysML, UML 2.5, etc.
SA XT Dashboards:
The SAXT Dashboard now has an option for adding Pivot Table widgets - interactive tables that allows you to select the columns displayed and perform some calculations based on column and row selections.
D3 Charts (Data Driven Documents rendered by D3.js) are available when displaying tables in SAXT and Publisher.
New Chart types have been introduced: Tree Map, Bubble Chart, and Gantt Chart.
Drilldown has been streamlined to not open a new window, but rather transform the chart on the existing page while providing text describing the Filter.
SA XT Usability:
A + button has been provided to allow creation of a new item for oneof, listof and hetero variant properties.
SA XT Diagramming:
Unnamed definitions can now be created where it is required by the chosen framework, such as sysML and UML 2.5.
Analytic images on symbols are now presented while editing diagrams.
The new Picture Browser available in SA is also available in SA XT.
Numerous other enhancements as described in the help.
Client Issues:
A number of client issues are also fixed, as enumerated and described in the Release Notes.

To request this new release of System Architect, please log in or register on the UNICOM Customer Portal, or email to architect.support@unicomsi.com.

At UNICOM, our commitment is to ensure that ongoing research and development continue for all UNICOM software solutions and to maintain the highest standards of technical support for you, our customers.

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