A new version of System Architect has been commercially released

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 System Architect® released

Los Angeles, California, February 6, 2020

As a valued System Architect® customer, we want to let you know that a new version of System Architect (SA) has been commercially released. We continue to drive improvements into the product within themed areas to enable you to build and maintain a value-driven enterprise architecture.

System Architect provides the following enhancements:

Managing the Architecture - Enterprise Merge/Extract: Enterprise Merge/Extract returns to SA. It is a more sophisticated version of Merge/Extract with a workflow that enables users to manage how artifacts are shared between encyclopedias, manage where changes are made to shared architecture artifacts, define a clear structure for encyclopedias, and provide better visibility, granularity, and management of the Merge/Extract process.
Maintaining the Architecture - Verify/Repair on Selected Objects: Verify & Repair and Verify Only commands are now available on the Explorer context menu to allow for verification and repair of selected objects only, rather than the entire encyclopedia.
SA & SA XT Diagramming: You now have an option on whether to display the 'paperclip' icon next to a symbol whose definition is linked to an external document. You also have options on the location on the symbol to display the 'paperclip' icon.
Analytics: You can now specify the size of an analytic depiction icon using the Size property available in the Analytic Depiction chapter of an Analytic definition. The value is specified in hundredths of an inch.
SA & SA XT Diagramming: A new 'Help Me Pick a Line' assistant gives you a grid based, searchable and filterable means to see which line relationships can be made from/to which symbol and definition types.
SA & SA XT Diagramming: Lines added to a diagram due to representationally consistent behavior can be set to hidden using a new Diagram property 'Hide new lines added by refresh.' This allows diagrams dedicated to a specific perspective, which show only a subset of existing relationships, to not be 'polluted' by auto appearance of new relationships.
SA Diagramming: Lines that are shown as a result of using the Hide/Show Relationship Lines function can now be selected so that users can see where they are and can proceed to perform other operations on them.
SA XT Diagramming - Enhancement to BPMN drawing: Editing BPMN Diagrams in SA XT now supports resizing of Pool and Lane symbols.
Frameworks - BPMN 2.0 Enhancement: The Event Based Gateway logic now draws a Parallel Event Based Gateway symbol when the symbol's Event Logic property is set to 'AND.' The standard Event Based Gateway will continue to be drawn when the Event Logic property is set to 'XOR.'
Usability: Node and Line drawing options have been added to diagram and symbol context menus for easy access.
Usability: When using the SA XT Definition Editor, clicking on a Date type field will open a date picker UI to make date entry easier.
Reporting - SA XT Query Builder - Save to File and Export Saved Queries: In the previous release, the SA XT reporting GUI provided an option to save your query as a Shared or Private query as part of the catalog. Two new options are provided: 1) Save reports to an existing Report file (.rpt) on the SA XT Server so that the queries are available to all users, and can be used as Subreports in subsequent queries. 2) Export those queries to a downloadable file to be used in SA Client, or simply as a backup, by opening the Manage Queries link and clicking the Export Button. A .rpt file will be generated with all the saved queries and the user will be prompted to download.
Access Control: A new Preview mode for Access Control is available; it highlights what actual items will be processed by a proposed action.
Integration - SA-DOORS rich client: The System Architect - DOORS Interface add-on now supports integration with IBM DOORS 9.7 client.
Frameworks/Metamodel Customization - Ports: The 'Generic' Port symbol - whose ability to be added to your framework metamodel via the USRPROPS language was made capable in the last release of SA - now appears on any diagram that contains a symbol for its containing definition type.
Frameworks - DoDAF 2 & UAF: A performance improvement has been made to the action of placing an Activity into a Performer swimlane on a BPMN-style OV-5b (or UAF OP-PR) to create the ActivityPerformedbyPerformer relationship.
Support for Windows Server 2019: Support is added for System Architect and SA XT installations on Windows Server 2019.

To request this new release of System Architect, please log in or register on the UNICOM® Customer Portal, or email to architect.support@unicomsi.com.

At UNICOM, our commitment is to ensure that ongoing research and development continue for all UNICOM Software Solutions and to maintain the highest standards of technical support for you, our customers.

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