UNICOM® Digital Transformation Toolkit (UDTT­­™)

Formerly known as UNICOM® Multichannel Bank Transformation Toolkit (BTT­­™)

Faster Multichannel Application Development and Improved Runtime Infrastructure

UNICOM Digital Transformation Toolkit supports faster multichannel application development, especially for the banking industry. It provides runtime infrastructure based on IBM WebSphere Application Server to deliver targeted, multichannel marketing campaigns for retail banking. UDTT provides a development environment with design templates to support high-volume and transactional-oriented banking functions.

What distinguishes UDTT from other frameworks?

  • UDTT is a framework specified and optimized to financial channel applications.
  • UDTT is a complete framework to cover the characteristics of financial channel applications.
  • UDTT has integrated tooling to create a financial transaction covered from front to end
  • UDTT provides common services across channels and solution templates base on its framework and tooling

UNICOM Digital Transformation Toolkit provides:

  • A multichannel application framework and runtime infrastructure to create multichannel applications faster.
  • Web-based support and services for enhanced customer experiences.
  • Mobile capabilities to meet evolving customer needs.
  • An integrated platform for front-office modernization to transform multichannel banking applications.
  • Prebuilt samples and templates for faster time to value.

 All the new transformational applications with transactional content are done with UDTT, and UDTT is the pillar of the architecture, with lots of benefits, including agility, better efficiency and reduced operational cost.

 Till now, of the six most popular e-insurance products on our website, four of them are built on UDTT.

Multichannel Application Framework and Runtime Infrastructure

  • Provide patterns and capabilities that accelerate application development in the context of a multichannel infrastructure.
  • Support a development and runtime environment for multichannel applications to help reduce the total cost of system ownership.
  • Deliver near real-time marketing capabilities to provide consistent experiences for targeted marketing and cross-selling across channels.
  • Help reduce server-side memory usage with a more efficient runtime environment.
  • Use advanced tools to accelerate development. These include shortcut keys, tool tips, drag-and-drop data definitions and improved usability for grid widgets, such as double-click to initiate an action and support for complex data types in table columns.

UDTT-web-based-sample.jpgWeb-Based Support and Services

  • Provide Client Engine and universal access service to simplify the access from multichannel devices and applications
  • Support modern front-end frameworks very widely, Angular, React, VUE, Dojo etc
  • Accelerate the development via integrated tools for page build: Drag@Drop, WYSisWYG, Zero Code, Dojo-based UI

UDTT Mobile.jpgMobile Capabilities

  • Support IONIC, React Native and Dojo-Mobile, write once run both on iOS and Android
  • Simplify the integration with UDTT via Client Engine
  • Offer integrated tool and UI elements for quick development: Drag@Drop, WYSisWYG, Zero Code, Dojo-Mobile based UI

Integrated Platform for Front Office Modernization

  • Use an integrated tool set and development workbench for improved developer productivity and faster time to value.
  • Work with time-saving tools to develop transaction flow, operations and Dojo-based UI pages.
  • Provide integration capabilities with banking back-end systems through various web services and connection technologies such as LU type 0 (LU0).
  • Build on the included WebSphere runtime and IBM Rational® development environment, enabling developers to improve their productivity and overall time to value.
  • Integrate with IBM WebSphere Portal Server to support personalization of multichannel applications.

Prebuilt Samples and Templates

  • Use solution samples and templates for Internet banking, mobile banking, web teller, multichannel banking and online insurance to showcase the best practices of using UDTT and to accelerate development.
  • Apply more than 30 prebuilt mobile banking functions that are ready to use for common banking transactions.
  • Work with sample multichannel applications that address both basic and advanced functionalities, such as reuse of channel business logic and invocation of remote web services.

Business Solution Templates for Faster Time to Value

Banking Multichannel Solutions
  • Login/Logout
    • Main function page
  • Common Banking Scenarios
    • Account Summary
    • Account Inquiry
    • Account Transfer
    • Pay Bill
  • Campaign Management
    • Target marketing
    • Up-selling
  • Fund Purchase
    • Fund List
    • Interest List
    • Fund Position List
    • Fund Search
    • Fund Purchase
Insurance Multichannel Solutions
  • Customer Profile
  • Policy Info
  • Submit Claim
  • Track Claim
  • Customer Feedback/Complaint
Teller Channel Solutions
  • Override
  • Cash Drawer
  • Access Control
  • Foreign Exchange

What's New?

The new release, UNICOM Digital Transformation Toolkit 10.2, which helps general business to integrate legacy applications with new technologies, and then quickly accomplishes the digital transformation.

New features include:

Gradle style project structure support in UDTT™ development tool

  • A Gradle or Maven project can be converted from one to the other
  • Provide new plugin to generate UDTT's Gradle Project
  • Enhance existing UDTT™ IDE actions and functions to support the new Gradle directory structure

UDTT™ Builder performance and usability improvement for generating runtime artifacts easily from business process designed in UDTT™ tool

  • Run UDTT™ builder and automation tools within the same JVM to get better performance and higher availability
  • Enable the UDTT™ builder to run independently, or run with other build automation tools
  • Support popular build automation tools (Ant Task, Maven Mojo)

UDTT™ enhancement to support micro service architecture

  • Expose UDTT™ Flow and Operation as a service easily
  • Enable other app (both UDTT™ client app and 3rd party app) to access UDTT™ service easily

UDTT™ host assessment simplification

  • Provide unified APIs and configurations for various host types and protocols
  • Usability improvement by enabling configuration tool
  • New extension point introduced to facility future extension
  • Performance improving by optimizing connection pools

Cache for micro service data

  • The remote cache service allows you to share information to improve performance, increase throughput, and provide high availability

OpenJDK 11 support

  • Tooling plug-in compatible with OpenJDK
  • Runtime libraries compatible with OpenJDK
  • Client-side Java swing GUI compatible with OpenJDK
  • Support Tomcat running on top of OpenJDK

Underlying software concurrency certification

  • AdoptOpenJDK 11 (Eclipse Adoptium)
  • MQ 9.x
  • Oracle 12.x
  • Maven 3.6.x
  • Redis 3.x.x and above
  • eclipse 4.11(2019-03)